A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game jam made under 5 days with 3 people.

A linear game where you have to discover the way to get out.

Used Crack musics from : http://pub.keygenmusic.org/mp3/!Others/

Used Substance and SFX from Universal Sound FX.

Controls : Arrows, Enter, Echap to exit minigame.


Game_exit.zip 90 MB
GameExitMac.zip 92 MB


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Game Exit, what a simple but fun game it was. I Liked the cursed game concept.
All the 3 people who worked on this, Great work!

Maybe you heard already a lot but 'Super Pong' was a beast to beat.
I needed to start the run to make even a chance for the other mini games.

Could be expanded - liked the game, hated the Pong game.