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def a thing on my end but for some reason all unity web gl games have the cam always drift to the right makes stuff like this close to unplayable without downloading it

you cant tongue because its game jam vertion


How do I use my tongue? The game only tells me how to move and look.

the tongue doesn't work for me, so that makes everything super hard



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The game crashed on my mac when i play online...


great game man loved it 


hard. but good.

I like it!


Nice game! -1:18s XD


We loved how everything worked in this game!!  We had a blast with the challenge as well, we couldn't survive for the 1.30 needed sadly, we got blasted off!!   All in all a very fun game!!


I did not know this game was gonna be this adorable! Or even this challenging. Great work :D

You posted on the wrong game x), this is the game jam version ^^.  We're impressed you finished in less time than our beta tester, great video!

oh this game was perfect!! this was just so fun to play and the last part... JESUS!! really awesome job on creating this game!! :D

Hello! I had fun, sadness, and confusion all in one in this game and that was great. But all in all the game was fun and well made, and I can't wait to see more!

P.s I almost beat it ( I think)

It's a fun game! for some reaon the ball guy likes to shoot off in random directions at times, not sure if it's something with the tongue or a bug. Anyway, hope you enjoy the video! 


This game was realy simple and FUN at same time!
I loved it so much

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how do you use the tongue? I tried asking to the developer and they responded with a Lenny face

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Ffs How the fuck do I use the tongue in this fucking game?! 😂😫


A tip said that I have to use my tongue, how do I do that?


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


G** damn it! 😂

But seriously tho, how do I do that



Can you link to the LD page? I can't find it.